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1) Where do you recruit your nannies?

Our nannies are recommended by word of mouth or via advertisement.

2) Do you perform background checks?

A police report for each nanny is required prior to hire. Extensive background checks are completed on all staff prior to hiring.

3) What is your average Nanny like?

Nannies range in ages from 21-65; variety of educational fields, such as educators, child care providers, social workers, senior management caretaker, bankers and mothers.

4) Do you offer training to your nannies?

We offer Early Childhood Development, CPR and First Aid training (mandatory).

5) What is your policy if the nanny doesn't work out?

A replacement nanny will be sent to fulfill the terms of the contract.

6) Can a Nanny travel with us off of Property?

A Nanny is able to travel with you after signing the agreement (as stated in the contract, you will be traveling at your own risk). Please note that our insurance provides coverage on the premises where you are staying only.

7) Are tips included?

Tips are at the leisure of the guest and are NOT included in the fees (should be given directly to Nanny and NOT via Pay pal).

8) Does the Nanny cook and clean?

Household cooking and cleaning services are not included in the Nanny services.

9) What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy is 24 hours notification. A $60.00 fee will be accessed prior to being refunded if cancelled prior to 24 hours. As stated in the contract, there is NO Refund for cancellation within 24 hours. Rental items requires 48hrs to 7 days notice...depending on item (car seat cancellation notice is 7days).

10) What payment methods are available?

Payments are accepted via our PayPal module. Pay pal accepts all major credit cards, checks, bank card or debit card. Pay pal also offers a "bill me later" payment option (see banner on the home page for more details).

11) Is there an additional fee for requesting the same or a specific Nanny?

No extra cost for requesting the same or a specific Nanny; however, with advance preparation, the request of the same Nanny is usually granted if she is not already assigned with another guest or if she is not needed elsewhere due to child or case need.

12) Can a Nanny accompany children in water sports?

Due to our insurance policy, jet sky, para-sailing and other water sports are considered hazards and is not a part of our available services.

13) Exactly what are the duties of a Nanny?

A Nanny duties includes, taking care of children by feeding & changing infants; supervising, monitoring, entertaining and keeping the child(ren) safe, secure and comfortable. Giving a bath if needed: and accompanying them to the pool or beach.

14) If I paid for a particular day and do not use it can I be refunded?

If possible, with adequate notice you may utilize the service another day within the same trip providing there is availability. Sorry, there is no 100% refund.

Unused fees or services are not transferable to another client.

15) Why am I not allowed to add a friends child with mine for Nanny service?

If an incident or accident occur, the insurance will only cover the child whose parent hired the service (unless signed affidavit was presented prior indicating your legal rights as responsible for the child(ren) involved (among other incidents). More importantly, it can be hazardous in the event of emergency.

16) Are you licenced and Insured?

Our Agency is licensed and fully insured. The Nannies are bonded also.

17) Why is the price difference based on Venue?

Some locations have more to offer more than others. Ex: one hotel may have as much as 9 pools and/or more accommodation, others may have 1 or 2 or even none.

Our Services

  • We support all children (including those with special needs).
  • We have equipment including high chairs, strollers, pack n play, car seats, toddler beds, bed rails, travel crib and more  available for rental.